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Simply put, achieving superior hydraulic stability and control means achieving superior collaboration between power source, counterbalance valve, and the load.  No sudden surges or unexpected movements.

To achieve this superior hydraulic stability and control, the counterbalance valve performance must match the system dynamic in which it is installed. That takes collaboration between the people designing the valves and the people demanding the superior performance.

At Valvole America, we don’t just make highly engineered counterbalance components. We make sure each innovation that is brought into the product comes out of direct involvement with our customer’s engineering, purchasing and manufacturing processes, so it can bring more value to them.

So if the answer isn’t already there in our wide range of counterbalance valves created to best suit the performance needs of a large number of applications, our team of hydraulic and design engineers will get busy customizing blocks, the valve’s function, the component design, whatever it takes to to reach the proper performance level required by the application.

And because the service life of a counterbalance valve should match the service life of the machine in which it is installed, we design ours to exceed industry standards. All Valvole America products are provided with a 30-month warranty from the manufacturing date marked on the valve.